Woodnote HY-258BWH Ivory White Bass Recorder-Baroque / 4 pieces construction

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Woodnote HY-258BWH Ivory White Bass Recorder-Baroque / 4 pieces construction Summary

Woodnote Pro. Ivory White Bass Recorder - HY-258BWH

* Warranty: Limited 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty *

Product Features

  • Woodnote Bass Recorder in Single Ivory White finishing
  • Double keys for F & F# / Double holes for G & G# / Single keys for C and for Bb
  • 4 pieces construction in Barqoue-English Fingering with Arched Windway
  • The whole length for this bass recorder is approx. 33.75 inches
  • Package includes: Leatherette Bag / Fingering Chart / Neck Strap / Recorder Cream / Cleaning Rod

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Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Beautiful! - Eowyn - 6/2/2015
This instrument is quite lovely. I received it as a gift from my parents, who successively got me a larger recorder every Christmas. It has a great tone and is relatively easy to play, but does require good air control on the low notes and dexterous fingers for the high half hole notes. The keys are a bit delicate, as they would be on any plastic instrument, so I would not recommend this for a young musician, but it is a great instrument to have if you do not want to immediately jump to the more delicate and expensive wooden recorder, or if you want to play outside often. To hear me playing the bass recorder in a quartet, follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0s2kBvEhlY

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